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Video: what flying will be like in 2050? Boeing’s Dreamliner sparks new era of commercial aviation

October 5, 2011

Boeing delivered its first batch of all-new 787 Dreamliners this month, ushering in a new generation of commercial aircraft. The Dreamliner is more efficient and offers more passenger comfort than its predecessors, and it’s being dubbed as the “first new airplane of the 21st century” by Boeing execs.

Boeing’s Dreamliner is unique because it’s lighter and faster than older planes, while offering greater fuel-efficiency. Its structure also sets it apart, as it’s composed largely of composite materials rather than sheets of aluminum. Travelers will benefit from the Dreamliner’s wider windows, a variety of in-flight entertainment, and even higher humidity to reduce dry eyes and headaches.

“All of those comfort and quality features make the 787 different from conventional aircraft,” said Satoshi Fujiki, a senior vice president for All Nippon Airlines, who will begin its first passenger flight with the 787 later this month. “But the design will also benefit the airline.”

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