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Pilot Insurance News | Dreamliner facing yet another hurdle

November 8, 2011

The Boeing 787 Dreamliner jet, which made its first flights in the past few weeks for Air Nippon Airways, is facing its first technical issue, a problem with the landing system, according to Reuters. The system, which is reportedly one of the most advanced in commercial aviation, is automated to an unprecedented degree, but two early flights have required pilots to override the landing system manually.

Officials said that the automatic system has twice indicated that the wheels are not properly down, and pilots have been forced to take over the controls, landing the plane themselves.

“We are not sure yet what the problem was, but we are investigating,” a Boeing spokesperson said.

The source notes that landing gear issues have been the focal point of commercial airline news in recent days, with the debut of the Dreamliner and its advanced auto-landing system as well as the miraculous emergency crash landing of a Boeing 767 whose landing gear had stalled in Poland.

Aviation is an industry that comes with a unique set of risks, especially for pilots. With a specific skill set and extensive knowledge, pilots often enlist the coverage of a pilot insurance policy. These policies, many of which are offered through aviation organizations at discounted group rates, provide coverage that many typical insurance policies cannot supply.



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