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Pegasus Airlines Takes Delivery of It’s Newest Boeing 737-800 “SEVDE NIL D.” With Re-Designed Interior > Pegasus Airlines

December 29, 2011

Pegasus has taken delivery of the first of its two new Boeing 737-800s ‘Sevde Nil D.’ at a ceremony at the Boeing Centre in Seattle, which was named as part of the ‘World’s Best Present’ campaign in which two tiny guest’s names were chosen from among 95.687

During July and August this year the ‘World’s Best Present’ campaign was run by Pegasus so that it could choose names from among its ‘tiny guests’ for new aircraft joining Turkey’s youngest fleet. Pegasus has now taken delivery of its first Boeing 737-800 named under the auspices of this campaign at a ceremony in Seattle.

This latest Boeing 737-800, ‘Sevde Nil Demir’, is the 11th added this year to Pegasus’ ever-younger fleet, being so named as part of a campaign whereby the tradition in which newborn babies of Pegasus Family members give their names to new aircraft was opened out to guests, attracting 95,867 applications.

Pegasus Airlines General Manager Sertac Haybat who spoke at the handing-over ceremony in Seattle for ‘Sevde Nil D.’ said: “This year, as in previous years, we have tried to offer our guests the best-value flights through marketing campaigns while continuing to invest in our technological infrastructure. And this year there have been a number of new innovations. In my opinion the most important of these has been the ‘World’s Best Present’ campaign which has strengthened the bond between us and our guests who have supported us unremittingly, helping us grow for the last 6 years. Members of the Pegasus Family were happy to share this very special benefit of theirs with Pegasus guests, who went onto to make close-on 100,000 applications. I am very happy and honoured to take delivery of ‘Sevde Nil D.’, the 25th of the 40 New Generation Boeing 737-800s that we will be receiving until 2015 as part of our $3.2 billion investment, and the 11th such aircraft this year. The average age of our fleet will be 2.58 years once we have taken delivery of our 12th and last aircraft for this year, Yagmur A., in the coming days.”

Pegasus, which introduced the Turkish masses to the economic way to fly with the byline ‘Everyone has the right to fly’, has named its 25th Boeing after six-year-old Sevde Nil Demir from Corum and its 26th Boeing after nine-year-old Yagmur Aydin from Istanbul.

Pegasus Airlines Chairman and Sevde Nil meet the new aircraft together

On its arrival at Istanbul Sabiha Gokcen Airport, with its first guests from Seattle, aircraft ‘Sevde Nil D.’ was met by Pegasus Airlines Chairman Ali Sabanci and six-year-old Sevde Nil Demir who gave her name to the aircraft. Pegasus’ 25th Boeing, which was welcomed by ceremonial arches of spraying water on the runway, also carries the registration code ‘TC-AIS’ referencing Ali Sabanci’s full name, Ali Ismail Sabanci,.

‘Sevde Nil D.’ the first Boeing 737-800 to have one of Pegasus’ newly designed cabins

Pegasus’ new Boeing 737-800 ‘Sevde Nil D.’ is typical of the fleet that will carry newly designed cabins; the ‘737 Boeing Sky Interior’ has been designed to give guests a completely different flying experience. The new interior design of the cabin is much more spacious and expansive in feel than before giving quite a different, positive feel the moment the aircraft door is opened. While LED lighting contributes to the expansive feeling of the cabin, the capacity of the overhead compartments has also been increased so as to be able to take more hand luggage. LED lighting has replaced halogen in the customer service units and speakers have been installed in each making the units more user-friendly. The cabin crew in turn will benefit from the speed and ease of use of LCD control touchscreens. With all these new internal features, ‘Sevde Nil D.’ will breathe new life into Pegasus’ ever-younger fleet.


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