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iBike Powerhouse to be unveiled at CES 2012, a cycling computer to shed your holiday excess — Engadget

January 4, 2012

Just like the iBike Dash from the days of yore, Velocomp is back with the Powerhouse — a cycling computer that integrates with any standard bicycle along with the iPhone and iPod Touch. Designed in collaboration with cycling coach Hunter Allen, the Powerhouse features distinct fitness plans tailored to the goals of training cyclists and lazy bums alike. Regimens last four to six weeks and include iSlim, Express Fitness, Brazilian Butt, Kid Fit, Weekend Warrior, Zero to 50 miles in Three Weeks and Healthy Heart. Perhaps more intriguing, however, is the ability to purchase additional training routines within the iBike app. The product will be fully unveiled at CES and will retail for $269, which includes a water / shock-resistant case, a universal mounting system, all the necessary electronics and the iOS app — which lets cyclists listen to their music as they train. Those interested in the finer details may check the PR just after the break.



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