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EU stands firm on airline emissions despite Chinese fury | The Raw Story

January 5, 2012

The European Union refused Thursday to back down from a disputed airline emissions fee despite China’s refusal to pay the new charge to land in Europe.

The 27-nation EU began to require all airlines to buy pollution permits to fly to Europe on January 1 despite stiff opposition from the United States, China and many other countries.

Some airlines have started to pass the cost on to their passengers.

“We are not modifying our law and we are not backing down,” Isaac Valero-Ladron, spokesman for EU climate action commissioner Connie Hedegaard, told a news conference.

“It’s like if the Chinese want to do business in Europe, like open a restaurant or something, they have to comply with the health and safety requirements. This is not that different,” he said.

“If you want to operate in Europe you have to respect the law, you have to respect the environmental law.”

The China Air Transport Association, which represents the country’s airlines, warned that Chinese carriers would not pay the charge.

The EU system calls for fines of 100 euros per tonne of CO2 against companies that refuse to comply, or a flight ban as a last resort. The current market price for one tonne of CO2 is around 7.0 euros.

But Chinese airlines are unlikely to be penalised immediately as carriers have until April 30 next year to calculate their annual emissions and buy polluting rights for 2012.



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