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Las Vegas Man Records Alleged ‘Threatening’ Exchange with United Airlines Employee [VIDEO-AUDIO]

January 11, 2012

Ivan Gonzalez, a resident from Las Vegas, was so furious over an exchange that took place between him, his 6-year old son and a United Airlines employee on January 2nd that he has posted audio that he recorded of the incident online.

Gonzalez was at San Francisco airport escorting his son to the counter to check him in when the trouble started. A United employee only indentified as “Darlene” asked Gonzalez if he paid for child services:

“She asked me did I pay for child services,” said Gonzalez. “I said, ‘Yes.’ She said, ‘No you didn’t.’”

Gonzalez says she then threatened to cancel the ticket even though he offered to pay the $100 fee. Gonzales then asks for a manager, pays the fee, and then records the exchange with his cell phone, which is now on Youtube (below):

Gonzalez says, “You just hit my son with the ticket.”

A woman’s voice says, “She didn’t mean to.”

As the recording continues, the woman Gonzalez identifies as “Darlene” says, “I get off at 9:30. Why don’t you meet me outside?”

Gonzalez responds, “Just to let you know, the whole time I was recording you.”

The woman answers, “Me, too. Me too. I’m recording you as well.”

United says they have spoken to Gonzalez about the incident, and made the following statement:

“We are unable to verify some of the concerns that (Gonzalez) expressed,” said Rahsaan Johnson. “However, we have determined that we did not give him the experience to which he was entitled. We have apologized and offered him compensation as a goodwill gesture.”

Gonzalez claims that United has offered to pay him to remove the recording from Youtube, but this has not been confirmed.

“Darlene” says ‘…meet me outside’?? What the heck is that?? I’ve had overall good experiences with United and we must keep in mind that airlines have THOUSANDS of employees. You’re bound to get some bad apples in any company that large. And who knows what Gonzalez might have said before he started recording…not saying he did…just trying to be fair.


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