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Microsoft supports: Safer Internet Day (SID)

February 8, 2012
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Microsoft supports Safer Internet Day (SID), a global campaign that promotes a healthy Internet for everyone. Organized by Insafe and co-founded by the European Union, Safer Internet Day encourages more responsible use of online technologies and services. In 2012, Microsoft is once again helping to promote Internet safety education and responsible online behavior under the SID theme, “Connecting Generations” and our banner, “Online Safety is Ageless.”
“Connecting Generations,” a 2012 study by AARP and Microsoft

Microsoft and AARP recently conducted research to learn about awareness and perceptions of safety and communications related to the use of online technologies and devices. The survey group spanned the generations, including American teens, young adults, parents, and older adults. Some of the key findings and associated education materials include:

More and more, people across generations are connecting with one another online.

Eighty-three percent of those surveyed consider going online to be a “helpful” form of communication for family members of all ages.

For some, online communication translates into a “better understanding” of one another.

Three in 10 grandparents (30 percent) and teens/young adults (29 percent) agree that connecting online has helped them “better understand” the other.

There is a generational divide, though, when it comes to online safety.

While most respondents in all groups—teens, parents, and grandparents—wished they knew more about how to keep personal information private (58 percent) and how to safeguard their devices (50 percent), the younger generation wants more information than the older generation about using social networks more safely (38 percent of teens/young adults and 27 percent of adults ages 39-75).

Nearly half (49 percent) of parents say that their teen knows to come to them if he/she sees something online that makes him/her uncomfortable. Yet, less than a third (29 percent) of the teens say they would know to go to their parents if they saw something online that made them uncomfortable.

Learn more about our collaborative Connecting Generations research.

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