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Is the Gideon Sundback Google doodle 2012’s best yet? – Tech News – IBNLive

April 24, 2012

If you have not unzipped the today’s google doodle yet, then it is suggested that you spare a minute and play with it before Google takes it off. This is because the today’s zipper doodle is not only highly interactive and innovative, but it is also the best doodle (yet) of the year 2012.

To mark the 132nd birth anniversary of Gideon Sundback, the man who invented the zip, Google posted an interactive doodle on the home page that features a giant zipper running down the centre of the global search engine’s home page. And if you drag your mouse down to unzip the zipper, it will split the screen, including the search textbox and reveal the relevant results for the name Gideon Sundback.

The doodle is highly attractive that it cannot be ignored. Grabbing visitors’ eyeballs, the zipper doodle has been trending on the micro-blogging site Twitter since morning. In the afternoon, the Gideon Sundback Google doodle, out of the top 10 trends on Twitter, was trending in three different positions (with different names – Google doodle, Gideon Sundback, Zipper) simultaneously.

This particular doodle became the hot topic of discussion among some circles in the early hours of the day. Besides, many stories about this particluar doodle have been coming out since the doodle was posted by Google on the home page.

Though many doodles were posted by Google this year, but there are only three doodles that emerge as the strong contenders to compete against the zipper doodle – the music video doodle on the Google home page this Valentine’s Day (Feb 14, 2012), Google logo in the form of electromagnetic waves (Feb 22, 2012) and the series of galloping horse images on the Google home page (April 9, 2012).

This Valentine’s Day, a music video doodle was posted on the Google home page. The Valentine’s Day Google doodle was in the form of a short animated love story of a boy trying to woo a girl set to Tony Bennett’s rendition of Hank Williams’ classic blues ballad Cold, Cold Heart. The default image of the doodle was of the boy holding a Valentine with the Google logo in the background. Clicking on the play icon on the Valentine played the video. Hovering over the doodle displayed the message, “Happy Valentine’s Day! ‘Cold, Cold Heart’ performed by Tony Bennett courtesy of Columbia Records and Sony/ATV.”

Besides on Feb 22, 2012, the Google logo took the form of electromagnetic waves (in Google colours – blue, red, yellow and green) to pay tribute to German physicist Heinrich Rudolf Hertz on his 155th birth anniversary. Hertz was born at Hamburg on February 22, 1857.


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