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Top 5 Modern Improvements in Aviation Safety

April 24, 2015

While the airline accident du jour continues to (annoyingly) grab the headlines and be overanalyzed ad nauseum by the media’s self-proclaimed yet often clueless “experts,” airline safety continues to improve by leaps and bounds. All this blathering tends to worry the public, giving them a false perspective on aviation safety.

In recent decades, however, improvements and inventions have transformed the cockpit—and thus the airline industry—from impressibly safe to incredibly safe.

Notes and Disclaimers:

•This is my opinion, as an “industry insider” (Yes, a “self-proclaimed expert!”)

•For many of the factoids presented below, I use the “lazy man’s reference”: Google search, followed by Wikipedia.

•The Top 5 are in somewhat random order, rather than implied effectiveness. The exception is Number 1 which, in my opinion, has been the greatest improvement to aviation safety in the modern jet era.


Top 5 Modern Improvements in Aviation Safety.


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